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AAero Brasilis an airlineVirtualnon-profit, was created in 2003 by friends (Allan, Caio,Linoand Sebe) and now in 2020 supported by Thaleswho became our COO and atFlávio  our CMO, in 2021 atJoabthat became oursCHRO, and in 2022 to become CEO. 

From October 2023, AeroBrasil will become part of the IKAROS Virtual Group composed of the VA Sister IKAROS Virtual and its spin-offs: Ikaros Cargo and Ikaros Executive.

It became public and registered on the main virtual aviation networks. 
Here you can simulate according to what you want, we will have simulations very close to real aviation, and we are also happy for you to simulate to learn!
We just won't be happy if you simulate accidents, especially those involving real and/or past situations. We respect real aviation as a whole, from the apprentice to the most senior controller/commander, passing through the families of each one. 
Our ideal is to be a company of commanders and members who, above all, seek to have fun and de-stress.

We are currently homologating our VA inIVAO and in the approval process at POSCON.

You can use any platform that connects to the network, Microsoft Flight Simulator, XPlane, Prepar3D, etc.
We provide you with an individual Acars system from
Aero Brazil, quite complete. It is the "black box" of your plane and is used by the cutting-edge VA's. 

So in short, this is Our Company! It is virtual, non-profit, not linked to any agency or government, it is made by us to fly together making your flight more and more real! 
Come fly with us!

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